Retrieve an Archived File

Retrieve an Archived File

If you have registered a work with the IP Rights Office Copyright Registration Service that you would like to retrieve, please log into your CRS Account via the login form below, click the button to list your registrations, and then press the "Retrieve" button for the work you would like to retrieve.

There are three different retrieval options available:

  • File only, by email (for instances where you have lost your file and need a working back-up copy)
  • File and supporting documentation by email (where you need to prove copyright ownership, and evidence sent by email is acceptable)
  • File and supporting documentation by post on computer disk, with hard copy covering letter from the IP Rights Office (where evidence by email is not acceptable).

There is an administrative charge for the retrieval of files, which varies according to the option selected. For the list of retrieval charges, please click here.

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