Copyright Registration Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: Retrieving Works

How do I retrieve my work?

To retrieve your work you must log into your CRS account and then click the button to list your registrations. Click the "Retrieve" button under the registration you would like to retrieve then complete the following forms.

For what purposes can I retrieve my work?

You can retrieve your work for any purpose, but the most likely reasons for wanting to do so would be: a) to check the the file we have archived matches the one you intended to archive (that you have not submitted the wrong file, and that the file you have submitted has been received correctly); b) to retrieve a working electronic back-up of your work, if all other copies are lost (NB: the copy you receive will be correct up to the point of registration only); or c) if you wish to take action against someone you believe has infringed your copyright, or if you need to defend yourself against claims that your work is an infringement of another party's copyright.

Once I have retrieved my work, does it remain in the archive?

Yes. A copy of your work remains in the archive until the registration expires, regardless of the number of times you retrieve it.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can retrieve my work?

No. You can retrieve your work as often as you like, however you will need to pay an administration fee each time you do so.

Is there a cost to retrieve my work?

Yes. Each time you request a copy of your work you will need to pay a retrieval fee, which will vary depending on how you require your work to be returned. For a full list of charges, please click here.

How will my work be returned?

There are three options for the return of work. If you require only a back-up copy you can request your file alone be sent by email. If you also need the supporting documentation for your registration, and written confirmation of your registration from the IP Rights Office, you can choose to have these sent either by email as attachments or by post on computer disk, with a hard copy covering letter from the IP Rights Office. 

If I lose my own file, can I retrieve the archived version as a back-up?

Yes. There is a specific option for this in the retrieval system which offers a cheaper alternative to the full retrieval package including supporting documentation. Your file will be returned to you by email.

What should I do if someone challenges my ownership of copyright?

If somebody claims that your work violates their copyright you should attempt to establish the date upon which that person created their work, and what evidence they have to support their claim. You can direct them to the verification system at as evidence of the date upon which you registered your work, and, if necessary, request supporting documentation through the retrieval system at Ultimately, you should consult a qualified IP lawyer in your local jurisdiction.

What should I do if I find that someone has misappropriated my work?

If you believe someone is infringing your copyright you should contact them and inform them of this fact, and request that they stop their infringement immediately. You can direct them to the verification system at in order to indicate that you are able to back up your claims and provide evidence of when you were in possession of the work. If they continue to infringe your copyright consult a qualified IP lawyer in your local jurisdiction. If necessary, you will be able to retrieve a copy of your file and supporting documentation for your registration from

What evidence will the IP Rights Office provide to support my case?

Upon payment of the appropriate fee, the IP Rights Office will provide a copy of your archived file by email or on computer disk, along with electronic records of your registration, including where available automated emails detailing the registration sent at the point of registration, and transaction confirmation emails including details of the payment processed, as well as written confirmation (either in letter or email form, according to your request) from the IP Rights Office, confirming the date upon which the file was submitted, and the details of the registrant.

Will the IP Rights Office represent me or appear in Court on my behalf?

No. The IP Rights Office will not take any part in any legal proceedings, other than to provide the evidence outlined above in writing only.