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CRS accounts

When you register your first work, you will automatically create a CRS account. This is a record of your details, and a means by which you can keep track of your registrations. You can log into your CRS account to view details of your registrations, take out new registrations (without having to fill in all your details again), retrieve archived files, get CRS seals for use in print and online, print registration certificates, edit your contact details, etc. You can also alter your privacy preferences, setting which of your details should be visible on your registration and which you would prefer to keep private. This is a global setting applied to all your registrations listed in your account.

Part of the process of registering your first work is creating your account. To do this, click here and enter the email address you would like to use. Please note that you cannot create an account under an email address already listed as the primary email address on another account. If you need a second account (for instance, if you need one account for business and one for personal use) you will need to use different email addresses.

To log into your CRS account click here and enter your email address and password in the box provided. Remember that this must be your full email address (including the "@" symbol, and everything both before and after it) and your password must be capitalized exactly as you entered it (so "Password" is different from "password", etc.).

If you forget your login details you can retrieve them instantly online, either by having them sent to you by email or by answering the security question you set when you created your account. To retrieve your login details, click here.

Yes. To do this, log into your account and click the "Edit Your Account Details" button that appears towards the bottom of the page. Please note, however, that this facility is provided to enable you to update your personal/business details when they change (for instance, if you marry, or if you move house) – you cannot use it to enter the details of another person or business. When you change your details, this will not change the details shown on registrations you have already made. Printed certificates and the online verification page will still show your details at the point of registration (since this is the date they refer to), however your new details will also be included on the online verification page. For instance, if you get married and update your account with your married name the verification page for any registrations already made will give your maiden name, followed by your current name in brackets. If you get married again and update your account with your second married name it will show your maiden name and your second married name. Any new registrations you make under your new name will show your new name only.

Yes. Log into your account and click the button to edit your details. You can then alter which contact details you want to be public, and which you want to keep private. This change will apply to all registrations made under that account. It is not possible to set different privacy options for individual registrations.